The ‘Short Film’ Effect

Over the past few days, I have come across many bloggers that review short films. I didn’t realise until now, that I have actually always quite enjoyed them. There is just something about a video that is very melodramatic and intense as it aims to catch the attention of the viewer whilst getting the moral behind the scene across in just a few short minutes. So I thought I would share a handful of short films that I think are worth watching.

In no particular order,

  1. Selfie
    An award winning short film, produced by Aghaaz Productions. The film is set in India and the little that is said in the film is in Hindi but the video provides English subtitles. The film itself is just over 7 minutes long and depicts how peoples perceptions of us (in particular, that of strangers) can change the way we perceive ourselves.

  2. You Look Disgusting
    This is not a ‘film’ so to speak. When Em, a make up artist (also known as My Pale Skin) began to post pictures of her natural self without the makeup, she was harassed by internet trolls on social media, who began to bully her because of the acne on her skin. The 3 minute long film has been created to show real comments that she received, but more than that, the film is a portrayal of society’s double standards of beauty.
  3. ReMoved
    Removed, explores themes of domestic violence. Narrated with the voice of a young girl, this hard hitting short film shows the effects of household abuse on younger members of the family.

    I am unseen, unheard, unwanted. That is what I am.

    Due to the sensitive nature of the issues addressed, the film includes scenes of violence towards children.

    It could possibly be the most emotional short film you will ever watch.

    Winner of the of the Best Film and Audience Choice at the 168 Film Festival.
  4. Real Gone
    This has got to be one of the most daringly creative short films I have seen till date and inspiring in the oddest sense. I cannot bring myself to provide an ampt description for this, give it a watch and you’ll see what I mean. Themes: Suicide       
    By Seth Worley

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