I have been meaning to word-vomit my feelings all week, but I guess some things are just meant to be done on a Sunday afternoon (or at least, thats the excuse I make for the lazy writer within me). 

To be fair to myself, I did try once or twice but I couldn’t seem to articulate my emotions onto paper.

Big words are a distraction. There. I said it. Big words, lengthy labels and bright socks on a monochrome outfit are all distractions. Most of my posts tend to sway in the direction of blankly describing the kind of world we live in, I rarely address the world’s that live within us. 

If you’re reading this, you’re lucky enough to be born/currently living in a generation that openly accepts individuality. We each have our own tastes and even reading prefrences, I mean today alone thousands of bookstores worldwide opened their doors to Potterheads awaiting the eighth story. 

It’s ok to love anime but not speak a word of Japanese. Or wear pink on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday, and ultimately be you; but in all of our original glory – we’re still expected to be perfect. Seamless almost.

I’m forever telling my friends that it’s only human to make mistakes, we’re told that on a regular basis. Yet we don’t practice what we preach. I mean, when do we ever really forgive even the most genuine of mistakes. 

When do we really consider what a person might be going through or the state of mind they have to stand alone to on a daily basis. 

To take things at surface value is a shallow habit that most, if not all of us do regularly. We only accept flaws to a level that we’re comfortable with, because it’s much easier to name & shame, right? 

I believe we are more distracted by the idea of acceptance rather than actually accepting. 

Progression and self improvement is a world within us that grows with new experiences and knowledge. Point being, we learn to accept ourselves and people around us once we have the understanding to know that perfection, a perfect face a perfect body or a perfect character is a myth. 

Doodle reference taken from @ridabee (Instagram)

Each of us is drowning in our own hardships and are in search of our own paradoxical reasoning to make sense of this world. Think before acting upon permeable judgements of someone,

And watch as the burden starts to feel just a little lighter. 

* it may surprise you to know that this was a self-illustrated blogpost, and the doodles are in fact my own, no – they have not been drawn by a three year old* 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, 


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