a simple pumpkin spice latte recipe

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Before I even get into this – no you do not need a coffee maker. Or any of the machinery that modern artisan coffee has become. This is possibly the easiest pumpkin spice recipe you’ll find, and that’s because I, the novice that I am, made it quite successfully, in the first go!

You probably have everything you need for this at home PSL in your kitchen cupboards, the only ingredient you might have to go out and get, is the pumpkin.

The Ingredients:

pumpkin, around 50g

coffee, 2 tbsp

cloves, (crushed) – 1/2 tsp

cinnamon, 1 tsp

nutmeg, 1 tsp

ginger, 1/4 tsp

vanilla essence, a few drops

sugar sweetener to taste
(brown sugar, syrup, honey)

milk, 250 ml

a large mug


The part that takes the longest is making the pumpkin puree, for this you’ll have to cut the pumpkin into chunks and steam it.

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Once it’s softened, cut off the skin and mash the pumpkin with a fork, making sure to smooth out any clumps. After this, push the pulp through a sieve for a finer puree. That’s it, the hard bit is over.

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Now, add two tablespoons of coffee to your mug,

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crush 2 – 3 cloves, making up about less than half a teaspoon, no more than that as you don’t want the flavour of cloves to overpower the other ingredients,

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and add both cinnamon and nutmeg to the mug.

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Then add a few drops of vanilla, followed by the ginger and your choice of sweetener, I chose to use two teaspoons of brown sugar. Finally add the pumpkin puree to the mixture and stir all the ingredients up until smooth.

At this point you should have a dark thick mixture, and almost as soon as you start to stir all these together, you’re hit with the warmest pumpkin spice scent.

After this, I heated up the milk on the stove and stirred the hot milk into the mixture.

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All that’s left to do at this point is to top your PSL with cream and sprinkle with extra cinnamon and nutmeg.

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I didn’t use an espresso machine, just two tablespoons of regular Nescafé coffee. Also, you could use fresh ginger but I used the tiniest piece of frozen ginger, which turned out to be more useful as it was easier to turn into a paste like consistency as soon as it defrosted. You could also make this recipe in bulk to refrigerate and stir in warm milk whenever you fancy a cup.

if you give it a go, I would love to hear how you find it.

happy autumn!

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My love for Autumn and a new tag!


As the days get shorter, the sunsets earlier and the leaves set alight before carpeting the floor, creating an orange path for me to walk on – I come out of my summer cocoon and blossom into the crisp cold seeking creature that I am. If I was born to love one thing on earth, it would be autumn. 

To say that it’s my favourite season is a huge understatement. There’s just something about waking up to the morning mist settled on my window, stepping out to the fiery palette of the earth and breathing in the crisp cool air that adds the desire to explore a little more to my every day routine.

Each time the season returns, I learn to love a new element of it. But there’s a part of me that has always wondered what autumn is like in the rest of the world.

I can only imagine how each country/region experiences the fall of autumn in a unique way to mine.

Living in the North West of England, I’m particularly interested at how this time of year differs in climates that tend to be warmer – of course I can’t travel the world in the few months that autumn lasts this year (I mean that may be technically possible, but financially near impossible), yet what I can do is experience autumn virtually – and that’s where – #myautumnspace was born. I wanted to create a tag that people all over the world could use to share how autumn befalls in their hometown.


How to be a part of #myautumnspace:

· point 1, you could use the tag to share a collection of leaves, a photograph of the crisp autumn sky, or simply a write up of what autumn means to you.

· point two, in other words you are welcome to use the hashtag under anything that befits your perception of autumn really.

· I’m always up for a challenge, tag the simplest, or most abstract photograph –

· All autumn lovers are welcome.


If you are really dedicated, you could also tag your post under the same hashtag (#myautumnpsace) when posting your blogposts too, as I’ll regularly be checking wordpress, hoping to see some autumnal goodness. Hopefully we can come together to see sides of the season we haven’t seen before.

Other seasonal tags I’ve been loving this month are:

– @prettynotinc and @herinternests joint hashtag project #thisautumnlife: the sunday weekly prompts are surprisingly quite inpsiring to my creativity!

– @queenbeady’s #thisishowihueit, which is ‘all about moodier, autumnal tones’

– #pocketsofslow


// all the best!


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