The Lazy Blogger: one year on

When exams ended this summer, I decided to log on to my blog and found that I had 30 followers and almost zero engagment on my posts! I wasn’t surprised as I had neglected my blog for the most part of the year. 

I created my blog with the intention to maintain it wholeheartedly, but I guess I didn’t know how to go about it exactly. I gave myself a choice, to either blog my heart out or pack it in entirely. It’s been a month since I chose the former, and it’s been refreshing to see increased engagement and how far my blog has grown. 

I had created this blog so that I could have a platform to write without a word count (to some degree) and provoke discussion with other bloggers and readers on what really matters.  Though I have only recently started to pay attention to my dormant blog, I guess it’s been a great blogging year! 

I hit three milestones today; a YEAR since I’ve been on wordpress, a THOUSAND likes on my blog and TWENTY posts published.

*success may not be measured in numbers, but when it comes to blogging, I find it easier to record my progression based on the figures*

So, here’s to a more active blogging year ahead. My goals for the coming year are to stay dedicated to posting regularly and connecting with other bloggers. Oh and writing more book reviews! 

On that note, it’s the perfect occasion to share some of my favourite bloggers who each have their own unique style and vibe, that I think is worth a read. 









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Woah. That’s enough excitement for one day, 


*this was a self illustrated blog post*

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