Noodle doodle

Some days, you’re a noodle doodle. 

You can’t work or function like regular days, and you can – but would much rather not write. These days follow a similar pattern, they start with you delaying a simple task, like making breakfast (or brushing your teeth), followed by an unscheduled shift of a few other tasks and before you know it, it’s midnight and you haven’t finished the project you were hoping to have done by the afternoon. So you try to think about what you have achieved on that day, and it comes down to absolutely nothing. Zilch. (except over snacking). 

You have little left to do at this point of the day than to pull over the (probably unmade bed) covers and sleep feeling as unproductive as a wet park bench. 

| But there’s nothing wrong with being a noodle doodle, as long as you’re as back to routine as a perfectly layered lasagne the next day.|


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7 thoughts on “Noodle doodle

  1. Spot on. I think this is where discipline comes in. All too easily, one day can become two, then three, then a week becomes a month. From experience, the longer I go without writing, the harder it is to get back into it. I absolutely know that. And that absolute knowing is the discipline. It’s what pulls me back to the keyboard when all those pesky little avoidance gremlins are snuggling up to me and suggesting we watch just one more episode of Supernatural.


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