The Stress Kil(l)ometer

Sunday. Funday?

After a nineteen years long study of Sunday’s, I have come to the conclusion that Sunday’s usually go one of two ways for me; worrying about the week ahead whilst procrastinating over tasks or trying to enjoy the scheduled ‘lazy day’ with the worry of things I have to do on Monday still niggling at my brain. 

Neither of the two actually help you to enjoy your Sunday. 

Both of them lead to stress!

That isn’t a surprise to anyone right, because stress has become a part-and-parcel of daily life. That’s only the case because we let ourselves fall into the trap of thinking that it’s ‘ok’ to stress ‘a little’.

Here’s a rough doodle of ‘The Stress – Killometer’ that I sketched earlier. As the graph shows, there are three stages to eradicating stress out of your routine to make way for a more positive thinking space. 

See  recognising that you’re over stressing (and that isn’t helping you in any way) is the first step. At first simply knowing that you are under stress can help, you may start to feel a little calmer.  

Ease – stress levels fluctuate and it’s very likely that you’ll start to drown under as much – if not more stress than you were before. At this point, you should start to incorporate a few moments to prevent stress into your day. 

Believe – this is when you know that you are above stress. You understand that it’s self-induced and you know how to prevent it. 

Ok Einstein, but what  exactly should you do to ‘ease‘ yourself out of stress. Well, here are 5 ways that I prevent stress from escalating: 

1. Staying Organised: Stress for most people is caused by the feeling of having too much going on around them. Stay organised with the help of to-do lists, day/week planners and clean working spaces. 

2. Taking a break: take a break in a calming environment that is away from the work place. Taking a break in the same room that you work/study in may not always be a solution, as your mind associates that area with work. 

3. Finding a hobby: this doesn’t have to be a dazzling hobby that you share with the world, it could simply be something you find helps to take your attention away from other things. 

4. Plan B: you don’t wanna hear about how things don’t go to plan, after all – that’s what you’re working for, and for a plan to not work out would be devastating. The truth is, things don’t always turn out the way we expect them to. For the odd time that you experience the dreadful feeling of an unsuccessful project, try not to dwell on hours lost and keep a plan B prepared. 

5. Audio – Visual Relaxation: certain music will help you to relax…it’s a no brainer, but I personally prefer to spark positive energy with keeping myself surrounded with pretty visuals. In my room and on my feed. 

Here is an awe-spiring gallery that drifts my mind to scenic views and out of this world beauty: 

Instagram: @muhammadyasirbaloch

* this would be the first time that I have successfully named a post after one of my doodles, it sure does feel good.*

I hope you have a great week, 



9 thoughts on “The Stress Kil(l)ometer

  1. A friend of mine was talking about an insanometer for our bunch yesterday and now you have come up with a kill-ometer . ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ being organized is a key. I’m looking at the coloursnof the doodle..

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  2. Ha! This Sunday was (as is often the case for me) a work day at an art fair. The stress factor for me was trying to drive back to my booth to pick up my stuff. It was only down the street and around the corner but the guys who were packing up a tent had it all over the floor so I had to go down the block aways and up two blocks and back up. Sadly I got caught in a wrong turn and a one-way-ish system (no u turns and no left turns) and had an un-guided tour of Stanford University without a local map or gps. Ugh.


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