How far can forgiveness go?

​As I hold the blade against my wrist,

I wonder, how far can forgiveness go? 

All our lives, we forgive monsters & demons & deserters &  betrayers, 

Time that was cut short, courage that was lost

Incurable diseases

Irreplaceable heart breaks 

Fate that did not give a second chance, 

Suffering that came too fast. 

As the blood began to pool around my feet,

I realise we awarded forgivness to the unworthy, 

But when it came to forgive ourselves, we had none left.

Ambreen Ejaz 

About the poet: It would be odd to describe Ambreen in the third person when her poetry and prose are word perfect reiterations of the thoughts I can rarely pen. Ambreen Ejaz, the name behind the masterpiece – is a Psychology graduate from Pakistan. Ambreen is a friend and fellow blogger, might I mention she is a professional book reviewer. I mean, she’s honest; what more could one ask for in a book reviewer? You can follow her on instagram @ProudPakistanii and follow her blog . 

About the poem: The beauty of this particular piece, is that before sharing the poem with me, Ambreen asked me a rather thought provoking question – how far do you think forgiveness can go? I rambled for what seemed to be an hour and eventually came to the conclusion that we accept the need for fogiveness but when it extends to ourselves, we resist it. 

I adore that Ambreen induces a sense of gratitude towards an individuals ‘self’. She makes the reader come to many realisations in just a few short words, that human nature is not just the selfish brute that poets often make it out to be, but it is also caring and giving – and even in the most purest forms of love; forgiveness – we forget ourselves and put others forth.

Ambreen’s vivid imagery allows the reader to know, that he/she is worthy of forgiveness, just like the ones they have forgiven.

What did you think of the poem? Leave feedback in the comments and be sure to check out Ambreen’s blog 

* this was a self-illustrated blog post *

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10 thoughts on “How far can forgiveness go?

  1. Sara Kenneth says:

    Very true… For sometimes, forgiveness becomes an attribute of the strong and brave, those who are willing to risk everything when they give another chance to a person who broke their trust 💞💞💞👍👍


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