What am I 

Disguised as the devil, I hide beneath your shadow

and creep out little yet often

sense curdling, my effect is far from benign.

I feed on the tusks of beasts long forgotten

cold to the touch, 

my influence intoxicates the blood that rhymes.

of course, I am strongest when set alite. 

I am

 non existent yet thrive as your weakness- 

I can be starved but never killed; 

as long as the physical heart beats, I shall remain immortal.

merely a figment of the human self, 

what am I? 

A poorly written riddle. 

(Comment your answers)

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20 thoughts on “What am I 

  1. I love riddles! Sadly, being honest, I’m at a loss. I’ve poured over this for quite a bit now and I’m perplexed. I LOVE THAT! I’ll take a guess nonetheless.


    I gave it a shot. Every time I thought something made sense with the answer I would read over what you have written and be like, that makes no sense with this line though. Xp

    Touche’ You win today good soul! ^_^

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  2. I was only thinking yesterday evening that no one does these riddles any more. Ask and it shall be given (or did I hear you writing it?). I am also quite puzzled. I want to say ‘breath’ but the phrase ‘the blood that rhymes’ is throwing me. Looking forward to finding out. (I may come back with other ideas later.)

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    1. I’m no riddle writing expert 😄 but by ‘the blood that rhymes’, I was referring to the way that an overfed Ego can blur your senses and you’re unable to think straight without actually realising. Thank you for reading and giving it a go Jeni.

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