The Underground Girls of Kabul

​Traipsing around a library is a safe haven for all readers but that puts you at the risk of stumbling across various worlds that offer the reality of many others that are far from safe.

In Afghanistan, where society is ruled almost entirely by men, the birth of a son is cause for celebration and the arrival of a daughter is often mourned as a failure.

The Underground Girls of Kabul is an account by a journalist who uncovers the truth behind girls in Afghanistan that are made to dress as boys and given male names until they reach the age of puberty. 

This may seem strange or deceitful to me and you but it is the measure a mother has to take to prove to society that she isn’t ‘broken’ and can bear a boy or simply a male child to earn money and feed a hungry family. It is the extent that a father has to go through so that others do not pity him for having a house full of daughters and no sons. These children who are made to hide their gender are known as ‘bacha posh’ and is a phenomenon that occurs in many households regardless of their status. 

Due to the changing nature of occupation in Afghan society, under the rule of each new force comes the need to protect ones family. A family with a son, is stronger in society than a house of only daughters. 

Jenny Nordberg shares the life experience of many women. A truly insightful read that  forces one to think about issues in a war torn culture that are rarely heard of. 

With this being my first book review on my blog, I would love to give it a rating but I feel that an account such as this is invaluable and should not be rated at all. If you like to learn more of that which is hard to uncover, then support journalist and writers like this and read the book: @bachaposh

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