A Self Portrait

​· A Self Portrait ·

The Rorschach Test is something I had heard of in school, but it wasn’t until I read it in the first few pages of Owen Jones ‘The Establishment’ last year, that I actually paid close attention to its contents. The principles of the test say that staring at a blank paper with ink blots on it can cause one to detect an image, or at least the outlines of one. The image you see in the ink blot may be different to what somebody else can see whilst looking at the same piece of paper. 

I’m no psychologist, but they say that what you see in the ink blots, reveals more about yourself than it does about the smear of ink. Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you should be somewhat aware of how my mind can jump from A to Z in less than half a second, the test got me thinking about the way we perceive ourselves. We dont like the idea of it, but almost everything we do nowadays comes down to surface value. 

We let others perceptions of us, govern the way we feel about ourselves.

Sorry to liken fellow humans to ink blots but we’re not far from blue splodges of liquid led. The image people extract when they look at you will differ from person to person. 

You can’t keep up with appearances forever. 

Your self portrait should be one that you are comfortable to carry, don’t let the poor judgment of others weigh your confidence down. ·


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