9 am tea

Tuesday mornings tend to be pretty uneventful and they don’t exactly get busier in the afternoon either. 

With today’s heat arose the opportunity to have a quick cup of tea outside and then gardening until the afternoon. Though I enjoy the experience of having the garden look up to scratch; tugging at weeds and slaving away at the lawn mower isnt the ideal look in the 32 degree heat for four hours straight!

Yet at the same time I thank God that I actually have the privilege of going inside if I want to, where as there are actually people who have no choice but to work in the scorching heat daily just to get by and live with the few pennies that they earn from their hard manual labour. 

I guess Tuesday’s food for thought would be to know that – life isn’t half as bad as it seems once you realise how blessed you truly are. 

A 19 year old blogging about her garden..I bet you didn’t see that coming!


6 thoughts on “9 am tea

  1. Four hours in the garden sounds like paradise to me! Even if it were hot. I live in a house which is spacious but there is no space in the driveway for a garden. So, you are fortunate indeed.
    And that picture you posted is lovely!


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