Islam is not a dirty word

Islam is a fifteen hundred year old religion that has lived through various customs and cultures and is still thriving in modern civilisations – yet society has allowed a small group that claims it’s ravenous redemption under the name of an age old religion to defame the faith of millions.

That isn’t news to anyone. But what is hard to understand is how the twenty first century can be open enough to achieve all that it has, yet too narrow to accommodate religion. It is unsettling to know that young Muslims are growing up in a world that resents them, it’s tiring having to carry the blame of cold blooded massacres on our eastern names and frankly it’s quite frightening to witness the lack of media coverage on hate crimes against Muslims.

I’m sure anyone would agree with me when I say that having to explain yourself to people for something you haven’t done is an exasperating experience. Yet nowadays it seems like all Muslims are doing is excusing themselves and apologising to the world for what ISIS is doing.

Because of the atrocities that are taking place under the name of my religion, I feel the need to excuse my religion and 99% of its followers who are normal law abiding citizens of the world to say that we are not a part of the tiny (yes extremely small) minority who are spreading terror, the exact opposite of what our religion teaches.

Since the attack of the world trade center in 2001, the violence towards Muslims simply for their faith in a religion that has been labelled deviant have increased. The Paris tragedy last month was just as heart breaking to a Muslim as it was to a Christian or atheist, so why is it that Muslims should think twice before they step outside in fear of an out lash of islamaphobia. Why should a woman wearing hijab be the victim of verbal or even physical abuse on public transport. Why should a man of Middle Eastern or Asian decent be stared at like he is filthy just because he looks as though he might be a Muslim. Islam is a not a dirty word.

We’re taught to develop certain sensibilities and be tolerant towards all kinds of people regardless of their race or sexuality, that is until a person chooses to wear a headscarf, somehow the rules seem to change.

It seems that it’s a good year to be whatever you want to be, except to be a Muslim.

As a 19 year old Muslim, I can vouch for the overwhelming majority of Muslims that are labelled deviant, we are as law abiding as the average person.

I guess the law abiding never make the papers.


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26 thoughts on “Islam is not a dirty word

  1. An interesting piece, I think that were Muslims and non Muslims more integrated in daily life then there would be more trust and understanding. In the end perception is a key part of it, the meida need to sell papers/get viewers but those of us in the real world need to ignore them and understand things in a proper context. That would help everyone to notice and prevent the vulnerable and stupid joining terror groups. Not that Islam have a monopoly on such groups in the past or present of course.

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    1. I agree, however apart from the media – there are little efforts made by those in the mainstream (who actually have the platform to influence people) to create more trust/understanding. It’s hard to alter perceptions when it’s soo easy for the papers to tell people who to point the blame at. Thank you for reading my blog post, it’s nice to see more like minded individuals coming together.

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  2. No, moderates rarely get a shout. Look at America, where Black guys think that shooting policemen (of whatever colour) will address a prejudiced society. It isn’t about race, or religion, its about people who think they can make the world how they want through violence. All the rest of us can do is to reach out to each other in fellowship.


  3. I feel your pain but this has all happened before. I was brought up as a Catholic in a Protestant area during the IRA crisis. We were taught self defense to help deter attacks and our school had many bomb threats. This too will pass and it will be another ethnicity or religions turn next. Humans are a rather aggressive species…

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  4. C says:

    I’m a Christian myself and I totally agree with your point. Saying that Islam breeds terrorists is just as crazy as saying Jesus or Buddha teaches his disciples to kill one another. How can the world be so stupid? We should support one another in hard times like this, not spread more hate :/

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    1. True words … Islam and Muslims need people like you to support against those people who claim islam’s main principle is to teach terrorism . When the word Islam ,with the root word Salam itself means peace …

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  5. Thank you for sharing from your heart so frankly. It is absolutely important that the law-abiding be reported, like a 20/20 or investigative journalism report on those who are just as torn up over what is happening as everyone else. It’s a great letter to be written. If we all are inspired to act, that’s enough letters to begin a swell. I’ve been a part of one before. Ill be a part of one again. Thank you for this.

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    1. Thank you for reading and responding to my post Monique. I believe so too, the accounts of those just as disturbed by the horrific acts as anybody else should be given a chance to have their say. Thank you once again. 😊

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  6. I am so happy I read your post and so happy you wrote it! It sheds light on the feelings we, muslims, have towards this war of terror. I feel that we don’t share their hate and we simply don’t have the same religion. My religion teaches me how to reach out for people, whatever their religion, to interact and to learn from them to live in peace. What do I have in common with the terrorists? The same physical features that make me think sometimes: people may think I am a terrorist. Scary!!!

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    1. It is indeed frightening, but the ignorance should not be as such. What I mean is, there many other religions/races that have been affiliated with terror or devastating crimes, people do not associate all members of the whole as one, so why is that the case with law abiding Muslims. Thank you for stopping by my blog dear ❀

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      1. Just saw your comment and I stopped by. Had to reply too. It happens that way often in history though. This is not the first time. The Japanese were interred in camps in California. Little girls and boys who had absolutely nothing to do with what happened at Pearl Harbor were sent off frightened to less than substandard conditions to be held by America as prisoners of war – not termed that, but that was the intention. I met one of them who, when we met, was 60-some years old. I know of a woman who will have nothing to do with Germany, because of the Nazis. She wants to vilify every German for what happened in an era. I’m sure she is not the only one. However, Germany has been and is the birthplace for a lot more than Nazis and though that made the country infamous, and there is responsibility for the citizens allowing that kind of thing to happen, there is so much beauty that is born in that country. When it will it be time to forgive? I know of a man who is an older man now but he was the only survivor of his entire family from Auschwitz. He has forgiven the Nazis entirely. That woman has no ancestry or heritage or direct experience of Nazis. He has, and he forgave them. It often happens that others are vilified, and vilify themselves, for what their brethren have done. There is an ancient Hawaiian healing prayer that asks all of us to inquire into what we each have to do with all of us doing what we do. It asks each of us to be responsible for whatever small or large part we have to do with all that happens on this planet. I, personally, love this prayer and use it all the time to heal my own wounds and the wounds of our race, the human race. I believe we can each heal each other and all of us if we find our own way to embrace that we have this ability. Ah, anyway, I just had to reply. Thanks for your post. It really touched me.


  7. JakeJanCook says:

    I didn’t want to bring negativity to the comments but I feel this could use some ideological diversity. Islam is not a dirty word but the Muslim community has been badly represented by a small population who have breached from the same Muslims in Europe today. As a result Islam has become a dirty word by association.


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