The last cup of tea

Behold, the last cup of tea I’ll be having at 11 am. For the next thirty days Muslims around the world will only be eating/drinking once the sun has set, and begin their fasts before sunrise. We fast to experience for ourselves what it would feel like to go hours on an empty stomach, Islam is not a religion that sympathises with the less fortunate, but teaches its followers to empathise and actually know the feeling of not having the means to eat. Of course it’s not the same, I’ll eat once the sun has set, and not everyone is as privileged as you and me may be. Other than that, we give charity in this month and aim to be closer to God, spiritually.


For those that will/have already started fasting, I hope this month is fruitful for you and your family. To those that don’t celebrate Ramadan, have a happy summer break.



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