British and Brown

A female British Muslim of Asian heritage are just a few factors that make up my identity, which mean a lot of things. It means being able to live a life almost as mundane as any other Brit and having the basic human rights to practice my religion, to step outside clad in my headscarf free of objection and to live in almost perfect harmony. I say almost because it isn’t long before the news headlines shout ‘terror’ and the fingers point at us.

At me.

Today, I value my identity and my consciousness towards it’s implications. I value the efforts of those that strive to break free of labels that…

In #BritishandBrown I talk about what my South Asian heritage means to me. Read the complete article on


I would like to thank Sania and the Creatyst team for giving me the opportunity to share my experience on such a diverse platform for artists. 


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